Key’s Largest Fish Tank

Largest Fish Tank

Here’s a blast from the past mentioned in an earlier blog in the last two weeks! Enjoy… It’s a GREAT place to visit.

Want to find the largest indoor fish tank in the Florida Keys! Then come along with me for a ride down US-1 south towards the chain of islands making up the Keys. As seen to the left, this above ground aquarium is huge standing an estimated 6′ tall to the top of the glass confinement. The approximate 20′ width and 8′ depth is enormous by any standards. There are many species of fish available for your gawking pleasure and photos. I’ve also included a photo taken from the 2nd floor elevator showing the overall size of the wonderful water world.

Now, let me tell you where this maxi-sized fish fest can be found. Travel southward down to Mile Marker 81.4 and pull in to the World Wide Sportsman’s stores parking lot. When inside you will be at this FREE exhibit that will take you about 30 minutes or so ONLY because of all of the other things to see there. Oh yeah… NO FISHING IS ALLOWED! 🙂

Largest Fish Tank

View Of Tank From Above


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