Caribbean Club’s Rooftop Dolphins

IMG_1899I want to apologize for breaking one of my own rules and missing this photo-op for over 5-years. I’ve visited here no less than 7 times over the years with friends and on fact-finding missions NEVER ONCE noticing the rooftop dolphins.

Here’s the rule I broke: Once at a location I always walk around the building hoping to find something of interest that others would normally miss. Pictured here is the back door of the club which I’ve stood many times looking out towards the ocean admiring the scenic view, picnic tables, pier & cannon. It was only when I photographed a docked vessel did I turn around seeing the rooftop dolphins while smiling from ear to ear. I will now walk around EVERY building and look on EVERY BACK ROOF for future blogs. I consider this a lesson learned! 🙂

These twin Flippers can be found on the rear rooftop of the Caribbean Club in Key Largo at Mile Marker 104.2 bayside. This is WELL WORTH a stop on your next trip down due to the MANY OTHER blogs that have been written about this one stop alone… just the scenery around it is worth it my friends!

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