Parking Is At A Premium!

Public parking in Key West is an unfortunate big concern as in many tourist cities. With yearly increases in tourist traffic combined with new developments & expansions, parking as you might guess is at a premium!

Most streets within 2-blocks north and south of Duval Street are metered while the remaining ones are marked as “Residential Parking” painted on the street that are RESERVED for the home owners on the street… and your car WILL BE TOWED! There are FREE parking spaces in Key West’s southern tourist mecca of ‘Old Town’ but you need to be patient or arrive early. Another alternative for FREE parking is to do like we do, we park several blocks away from the main parking areas and then ride our bikes down town and park them for FREE anywhere we want and close to whatever we are doing for that time.

Pay parking is available and can soar to $30 a day for event parking at local churches, specialty lots and private homes. The most economical is meter parking which cost $1.50 an hour by using coins or the ‘Pay to Park Tickets’ now popping up everywhere. Money saving tips: Always be aware of the time and day in which you are wanting to park, reason being, some days and times are FREE like Sundays before NOON and others after 10pm or midnight. Don’t be scared away at $4 an hour for all day, MOST lots have a daily limit (as pictured below), this one shows $16.25 as its all day charge so remind yourself to check before parking and paying $40 for 10 hours on a lot that doesn’t offer a daily discount.

Two reminders: 1) Read the lots hour & price limits before you pay. 2) If you’re not sure if a parking space is FREE then don’t park there… there’s nothing worse than getting a $39 parking ticket when you can park ALL DAY at most lots for $16.



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