Majestic White Street Pier

This is the BIGGEST attraction on the southeastern side of Key West by far! White Street Pier is a staple for beach goers drawn by its sheer massiveness and reach into the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you look close you can see that the first lamp-post on the photo to the left is offset to the left and I’ve been asked why a number of times… so here’s your answer. In the past, Key West in emergency situations (ie.. Hurricanes) have had a need for a helicopter landing pad so they decided to put one at the furthest end of the pier as seen below as a multi colored compass. In doing so, they had to offset the lamp in order for emergency vehicles to drive all the way down to meet the awaiting chopper. It comes in handy now days as a way for the July 4th Fireworks festivities to be set up by truck loads of supplies being driven out to the end.

The pier access is FREE to all for fishing, swimming, biking, roller blades, & walking. It’s an absolute must for a first time tourist to visit this iconic oceanic arm stretching into the sea. And if you’re lucky enough, you too might be able to see the RARE floating Shell-Fish as this pier patron did (pictured below)! OK, so it’s a plastic bag with a Shell Gas Station symbol on it so what! 🙂 I asked a willing Key West tourist years ago to point to it for me so that I could get this exclusive photo-op for you.

So don’t even think about missing this awesome sight, you won’t regret it I assure you! Have fun and enjoy the views!



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