Key West’s 4th Of July Fireworks Display 2018


In this blog I’ll tell you where to see Key West’s FREE Dazzling Fireworks Show, what time your FREE extravaganza begins, where to find FREE parking for your car, where to sit for your FREE upcoming display, what to take for your own FREE devouring pleasure, and where to exit FREE of traffic jams all for the incredible price of reading this blog… that means it’s ALL FREE! That my friends falls within my budget! 🙂

There’s still time, it’s NOT too late to make plans for your Key West 4th! The grandiose fireworks spectacular is launched from the Majestic White Street Pier on the southern portion of the island. It begins approx. 30-40 minutes after sunset. One of the popular traditions is to view the fireworks from the water aboard a boat. Hmmm, for those of us that are land-lubbers the Best Seat In The House is along the seawall across from the  East Martello Tower while parking your car at Pines Park in front of the Airport. Be sure to bring your own lawn chair or blanket to sit on along with any self-made picnic goodies such as food snacks, cokes & brewskis for your consumption pleasure. Upon the conclusion of the festivities simply exit Pines Park traveling east avoiding all traffic towards the entrance to the island from which you originally entered beginning your stay here in Key West. Enjoy your FREE 30-40 minute aerial light show! It’s WELL worth it!

PS – And YES, those are adult beverages by our chair during the festivities! 🙂



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2 responses to “Key West’s 4th Of July Fireworks Display 2018

  1. Bree

    Thanks, is there a reasonably priced hotel in walking distance so we would not have to park by airport and walk to the sea wall? ~~Bree

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