‘Christ Of The Deep’ Church Mosaic

Though not technically a mosaic, this tiled masterpiece rivals many I’ve seen. With this being located on the side of a church, you might be wrong in assuming what it’s an image of!

At first glance it appears to be Jesus with his hands raised towards his father’s sky. Look past its obvious image of Jesus to these inconsistencies: 1) Notice that he’s standing on a square platform; 2) To the right is what appears to be a bush but upon closer inspection you’ll find that it’s indeed a coral; 3) Combining the remaining blurred background and the wavy looking clouds it slowly begins to come in focus. What you first thought was a common portrait of Jesus on a mountain is actually a real-life underwater wonder located just off the coast of Key Largo called ‘Christ Of The Deep’. This artist’s rendition of ‘Christ Of The Deep’ is as inspiring as I’ve ever seen!

Simply put, the ‘Christ Of The Deep’ is a statue of Jesus Christ submerged under water about 8 miles off shore from the John Pennekamp Park here in Key Largo.

You can find this incredible artist’s tiled masterpiece of ‘Christ Of The Deep’ on display in an outside garden at St. Justin the Martyr Catholic Church at Mile Marker 105.5 bayside in Key Largo.

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