Mr. Bean Is Plastered!

Pedro “Mr. Bean” is indeed plastered! (keep reading to find out where he get his name) You did notice that he chose the seat by the liquor cabinet right! 🙂 This life-sized plaster cast statue has been adorned with what some call a ‘cobija’ or Mexican blanket.

I found this hilarious happy-faced statue as I find nearly all of my topics… by walking in and around buildings and businesses expecting to find absolutely nothing. Every once in a while I stumble across something that makes me smile or laugh being worth photographing as in Pedro here.

You can count on finding this Plastered Pedro occupying the same seat day in and day out at his favorite restaurant in the Florida Keys at Señor Frijoles… that’s Spanish for ‘Mr. Bean’ to all you Gringos out there! 🙂 Seriously, hence the blogs name ‘Mr. Bean Is Plastered’. Señor Frijoles is located in the Sundowner Complex at Mile Marker 104 in Key Largo bayside.


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