On Key West Time

Giant Clock

Welcome to a slower pace of life! Here at Florida’s southernmost city a GIANT CLOCK reminds us that we’re now on Key West time. A large faced timepiece stands erect on “Pedestrian Central” and reflects a larger-than-life confirmation that you too will have a BIG time here in PARADISE! I once heard someone say in a bar: “I came down here to spend a weekend and never went back home… and that was 25 years ago”. 🙂

I must admit, there’s something about Key West’s lifestyle that puts you in a relaxed state of mind setting all inhibitions loose to roam and wander. Is it the salt air, the bikini clad beach blonde bomb-shells, the wall-to-wall bars with free-flowing taps… or is it just knowing that your away from home & work and for most of us that’s enough! When you can walk out of your hotel, home, bar or wherever you slept and get in your car and within 2 minutes reach a beach in every direction… you know you’re in the right place for relaxation!

Key West’s ONE-AND-ONLY giant clock can be found on Duval Streets south side of the road about middle ways between its eastern and western ends. This street-side time-keeper is of course free to see and photograph along with making a good foreground for an interesting background.

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