Key West’s LEAST SEEN Sculpture!

How do I know that it’s Key West’s LEAST SEEN sculpture! Easy, I can’t see it myself! 🙂 Take a look at the photo below taken from approximately 3 feet away… it’s virtually invisible. Now look at the close up featured to the left… the artist’s wire bird sculpture is only 1 foot away and still virtually invisible!

In fact, I ONLY noticed the sculpture atop the pier post when enlarging the photo for a previous blog. Then and only then did I see it! If I can’t see it standing within 3 feet of it then you can see it standing 40 feet away from the outside of the bird sanctuary from where it sits. Sculpture or artwork, whatever you want to call it doesn’t matter because you can see it anyways! 🙂

You can find Key West’s LEAST SEEN sculpture in the center of Monroe County’s SMALLEST Bird Sanctuary which is located within a park across from both the majestic White Street Pier and Key West Wildlife Center. It sits on the corner of White Street & Casa Marina Court here on Key West’s less traveled southeastern portion of the island.

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