The Movie ‘Key Largo’ Was Filmed Here!

If you’re a Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall or Edward G. Robinson fan then this is your blog. It’s here on this EXACT site “The Caribbean Club” that the 1948 Hollywood film classic “Key Largo” was filmed starring the three fore-mentioned movie stars. Directed by legendary director John Houston, this is the fourth and FINAL pairing of the real-life married couple of Bogart & Bacall.

Allow yourself enough time to park the car and walk inside where the walls are filled with memorabilia from this classic film. After photographing the main sign in front of the building, walk to the front door and look to the right seeing a wooden statue of Bogart himself that EXACTLY replicates the nearly life-size pin-up near the fireplace inside. I’ve included some photos of my time walking around and inside the building that you can see below. Not only was “Key Largo” filmed here but also the Jack Nicholson film “Blood & Wine”… hmmmm, guess I must have missed that one! 🙂

The Caribbean Club is in Key Largo at Mile Marker 104.2 bayside. This is WELL WORTH a stop on your trip, just the scenery around it is worth it my friends! Put this on your LIST!



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  1. So, this may be hard to believe, but this Florida Native has only been to Key West by way of cruise ship. We are driving there in a few weeks and I think I will need to rent this movie and stop by. Thanks for this post.

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