Naked Woman In Bondage

Woman In Bondage

Welcome to SOME of the weirdest, most different, neat, odd, funky and “what’s that suppose to mean” cemetery statues in Key West’s historic final resting place.

The absolute most different statue of them all that just doesn’t fit or have any explanation is the naked woman in bondage belonging to Mr. Archibald Yates. Yes, a naked woman sitting on a stone looking up with her eyes closed and hands TIED behind her back (seen below) … on a mans grave. I asked the cemetery Sexton if he had any secret unpublished information of WHY this statue is on a mans grave and what it meant. He replied that little is known about this misunderstood statue and has NO rhyme or reason to be where it is and comes to him with no history on why it was chosen. Oh yeah, there’s 4 small replicas on each of the four corners of the grave making 5 of these strange artistic carvings to admire.

Next in this weird category is the SKULL & CROSS BONES carved into an Egyptian obelisk. I too ask the Sexton about it which he replied: “Where? I’ve NEVER seen one!” we then stood up, opened his office door as I pointed to where it was. He then responded: “I can’t wait to go check it out!”

And finally for this edition, the most unusually beautiful BABY tombstone in the entire cemetery located in its Catholic section. Obviously the child left this earth in its infancy and was very much missed and loved by his parents. This historic cemetery is truly a walk through history and time!

This is FREE and well worth spending a portion of your visit… you won’t be disappointed! Remember, there’s a self-guided tour available with map!


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