Caution! Walk At Your Own Risk, Obstacles On Trail

Just wait till you see what it is! 🙂

Some things just strike me as “You’ve got to be kidding!” upon seeing them. Kind of like the instructions on a ketchup bottle stating: Open lid, turn upside down and squeeze.

I promise you that the Key West Garden Club wouldn’t have put up the sign if there hadn’t been an incident in the past. Some “Ding Dong Doofus” was walking on this path talking to a friend and slammed their head right into it. That’s right, there’s a tree slap-dab in the middle of the path. It’s a very uniquely shaped beautiful tree yet in the way none the less. As you can see below (without a person) that the tree looks tall enough to walk under. The other photo was taken so that you can truly judge how low the branch actually hangs on the path.

It’s hard to believe that anyone would ever walk into the tree without seeing it first… and yet, I guarantee that it has hence the sign: “CAUTION: WALK AT YOUR OWN RISK OBSTACLES ON TRAIL”.

You can find this last oceanic safe haven for wildlife on Key West’s less traveled south side on the eastern end of Atlantic Avenue. A walk on the beach is worth a 30-minute visit alone, it’s open daily from mid-morning to sunset. It’s two entrances are as different as can be, one is a walking path while the other is a beautiful boardwalk leading to a grand deck overlooking the ocean. PS – Watch out for the tree! 🙂


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