Souvenir Bank Vault

1891 Historic Wachovia Center Building

Founded in 1891 this former bank at the corner of Duval Street & Front Street in Key West is nothing less than a delight for the eyes. Sitting on the corner and coming to a point, this tan and brown brick mosaic eye-candy is impossible to miss nor do you want to. Take special notice of the balcony along the Duval Street side seen below. The balcony support system is lined with stylish gingerbread reminiscent of this towns pirate past.

The Wachovia Bank that occupied this facility has long since moved yet retained its name as the Wachovia Center. Now housing a Cafe, Jeweler, Art Gallery, Souvenir shop along with its most prevalent lessee the world-famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not! The souvenir shop located in the pointed corner contains a unique surprise.

Walking inside tucked neatly between the T-shirts selection and wall placards stands the banks old vault (pictured below). It remains open during the day for curious visitors like myself to view and photograph. On the upper portion face of the vault door is painted “Wachovia Key West” as the jail house type entrance behind the door guards the empty vault filled only with memories from its rich and glorious past. This tidbit is FREE to browse and worth a visit… face it, when you’re in Key West you’ll end up passing it a number of times on your trip down here to paradise anyways.



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