Cactus In The Keys! (TRUE)

IMG_0130Seeing a cactus has got to be the LAST thing you’d ever think of finding in the Florida Keys, and yet… here it is!

Cactus are normally associated with Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, a Saguaro Cactus can weigh 4,800 pound growing up to 60 ft tall with branches that look like arms and live up to 200 years old. OK, that’s their cactus, here’s our Barb Wire Cactus seen to be an astonishing 3 feet tall and yet just as impressive because of its location in the Florida Keys. There are several color-coded paths here with this cactus clearly marked as seen on one of them… sorry, can’t remember which path its on.

You can find this ‘Barb Wire Cactus’ inside a closed rock quarry at Mile Marker 84.9 bayside now called the Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park. The indoor air-conditioned exhibits and teaser view of the quarry are 100% FREE, the self-guided tours themselves cost only $2 or $3 a person.

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