Capt. Hook Spotted In Key West!

IMG_3182I found Key West’s own Capt. Hook! 100% TRUE, Capt. Hook is from Key West, Florida… who knew?

I know, you’re saying that Captain James Hook is a fictional character in the movie Peter Pan. The character is a pirate captain of the brig Jolly Roger, and lord of the fairy-tale village of Neverland… hmm, I thought that was Michael Jackson! 🙂 His name plays on the iron hook replacing his right hand, cut off by Peter Pan and eaten by a crocodile.

You can find Key West’s REAL Capt. Hook (fishing boat captain) at the Key West City Marina at the Palm Avenue Causeway on the northwest portion of the island. Enjoy the view and many other sights here… all of which are FREE for your vacation consumption.

IMG_3183     IMG_3184


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3 responses to “Capt. Hook Spotted In Key West!

  1. Ken J

    Love yr blog. We are in Naperville IL, but have been taking annual trips to Cayo Hueso for about 10 yrs. loved the one about the pirate well!

    • That’s what makes it all worth while! I’ll keep writing in hopes you find more that meet your expectations for uniqueness and adventure. Mr. 365 Days

      • Ken j

        The cistern one you did at the pier house appealed especially as well. And the Navy cistern one. Do you know about the massive one under Casa Marina? They sent a diver in to examine it a few yrs ago. All yr blogs are entertaining. Keep up the exploring…

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