Key Largo’s Charter Boat Row

IMG_0964Have you ever wanted to charter a boat in the Florida Keys? Well then, have I’ve got the one-stop smorgasbord shopping spot for you!

Wow, does this place have it all from big to small, short to tall, frills to no-frills, day or half day, alone or with a group, informal to formal, morning to night, canal or ocean cruise, for fishing, dinner, sunset or sightseeing. (you try saying all that in one breath) 🙂

You can find this all-inclusive outdoor strip mall for chartering boats at Mile Marker 100.0 oceanside in Key Largo.

Oh yeah, while your here walk another 30 feet towards the ocean and see one of the most famous movie boats in the history of film for the grandiose price of FREE. No, it’s NOT the Titanic! 🙂 It’s from the 1952 Academy Award Winning film ‘African Queen’ starring Tinsel Town legends Katherine Hepburn & Humphrey Bogart.


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