Key West Sailing Club

Key West Sailing Club

Welcome to the Key West Sailing Club the source of beautiful sights and opportunities for phenomenal photos! The Key West Sailing Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to learning, teaching, and enjoying the great sport of sailing. They’re a very active club of avid world travelers, competitive racers, and casual day sailors who are all enthusiastic about the art and science of using the wind and the water to get about. From the docks you can see numerous sailboats, the causeway bridge, the FLY NAVY building, and the largest smiley face in the Key’s painted on the roof of a houseboat just across the inlet.

This is not that easy to find so pay attention. Once you enter Key West off of the Overseas Highway turn right on North Roosevelt Blvd taking it and turning right on the Palm Avenue Causeway then when you’re over the bridge turn right on Sailboat Lane (be aware, this road is NOT listed on maps). They have Open House every Saturday from 10am – 3pm even though all of my visits have been during the week. I simply ask “Do you mind if I look around!” and have always been welcomed with a “Sure, go ahead!”. This is FREE to look around and take some awesome photos as you can see below. Have fun and see all you can when here in every direction!


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