World Peace Sidewalk Art

One Human Family

One Human Family is exactly what this artist is trying to pass along. Key West is diverse as you already know and one of the most liberal cities to go along with that. Besides San Francisco I can’t think of a more liberal city with such a diversity of cultures, religions, ethnic groups, social classes and other life choices… a true modern-day melting pot to say the least.

You can find this homage to World Peace in Key West embedded in the sidewalk on both sides of the Southernmost Buoy one block south of Duval Streets southern end. This is of course FREE, so on your way in line or after being in line for the Buoy just walk 20′ or so to admire and ponder the artwork. I don’t know the artist’s name but I do know the more important meaning that he’s trying to convey! Can’t we all just get along! Just think of how GREAT the world would be!

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    Good message worth sharing

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