I Dig These Chicks!

After 3 years of searching I finally found it! I’d seen an old photo years ago and quickly asked my aunt & uncle about it even showing them a photo to no avail. “If it’s here I’ll find it!” I said. Taking the initiative I asked the one person in town I was  sure would be able to give me the exact address… a postman (in this case a postlady) 🙂 to which she said “I’m sorry, that painting is LONG GONE!” as my dreams were dashed yet again.

I FINALLY FOUND IT! I’ve driven by it hundreds of times missing it hidden behind a parked car. Seen below is the parking space that it sits behind taken from the street. On this day I was across the street taking photos of a future blog when I turned around seeing the chicks with the widest grin cheering as onlookers and passersby probably thought “That guys and idiot!”… agreeing with them is NOT allowed! (I know, that was way too easy.) 🙂 Lady luck was on my side for sure… “I think I’ll buy a LOTTO ticket!”. 🙂 I promise to share if I win! Sorry, I was caught up in the moment… sharing my winnings was an outright lie! 🙂

You can find this HIDDEN GEM that alluded me for years just two doors down on the left from the “Beautiful Railing House” on the corner of Whitehead & Caroline Streets here in wonderful Key West.

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