Stock Island’s BIG Propeller

Stock Island’s BIG propeller stands just outside of Key West’s city limits. In fact, it sits oceanside on US-1 before crossing the Cow Key bridge entering Key West.

I’ve had a photo of the propeller for years standing alone and refused to publish it without having a reference of its height. So, I conned this dude into posing for me and promised him an ice-cold long-neck brewski for doing so… as I reached for the beer I pressed on the gas and sped off leaving him in the dust (as seen in the movies). Ok I didn’t, actually I know him very well and he works for peanuts doing this for me FREE… he’s the best kind of cheap friend that money can’t buy! 🙂

You can find this 6 foot tall propeller at Mile Marker 4.5 oceanside on US-1.

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