Mallory Square Historic Marker

Welcome to the historic Mallory Square marker. Though it’s within the square, it’s still very easily missed being flanked by bushes.

The Mallory Square Area was the hub of Key West’s Wrecking industry in the 19th century. It includes warehouses where salvage from ships wrecked on the reef were stored and auctioned. Named for Stephen Mallory who left the United States Senate to become Secretary of the Navy for the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.

Here’s a little known fact that’ll win you a bar bet: Even though Stephen Mallory was the Secretary of the Navy for the Confederate States of America and stationed in Key West, the Civil War Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West remained in northern Yankee hands during the ENTIRE Civil War!

Mallory Square is known worldwide for its celebration of sunset and the hub of the city’s tourism industry. Maps available upon request in the former Tift’s Ice House now known as the Shell Warehouse.


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2 responses to “Mallory Square Historic Marker

  1. Len Bloom

    Have you done a blog about the mile marker pole that has distances to cities around the world near the boardwalk? My appologies if you have, my memory is not what it should be. There used to be a marker on that pole with the distance to Merrill, Wisconsin which is about 30 miles from where we live.

    Do you anticipate running out of material to post for your daily blog? I know there is an incredible amount of interesting things to see but at some point it seems you might run out of inspiration. I hope not but I was just wondering.

    • Thanks again for your continued support and comments. Yes I’ve done several blogs on the mile marker poles: 1 at Harbor Walk near Turtle Kraals, 1 at the Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park, 1 at Stock Island’s Hogfish Bar & Grill. You can look 1 or each of them using the search feature in the upper right portion on my homepage.

      I too thought I may run out of topics, but that was years ago and I’m still going strong with 100’s already lined up for the upcoming remaining year. Each time I go down I seem to find more and more. Each year I will recycle certain one that everyone new reader expects like: Southernmost Buoy, 7-Mile Bridge, Sloppy Joe’s Bar, Duval Street and so on.

      Thanks Again,
      Mr. 365 Days

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