President Harry S. Truman Memorial

It’s ONLY a simple headstone and yet this granite of gratitude is an honored memorial. This hidden from sight salute to our Nations former President unjustly goes unnoticed by 1,000’s of people a day walking only a few feet away. I on the other hand tend to notice what others miss and bring them to light giving them their well deserved time in the spotlight.

Here’s one of those bypassed historical memorials finally seeing the day-of-light… I mean day-in-print that has long since been overdue. This marker sits unadorned & unnoticed at the flagpoles base as wind & rain beat upon its engraved face just begging to be read or photographed.

You can find this historic President Harry S. Truman Memorial at the base of  Bayview Park’s flagpole located at the corner of Roosevelt Blvd. & Eisenhower Drive in Key West. This is FREE and well worth the 5-minutes it would take to park your car and read this unique tribute and other treasured war memorials within 10-feet of each other.

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