An Alone Oceanside Picnic Area!

Need some alone time away from the crowds of tourists while in this southernmost vacation land in America called Key West? Well I’ve got it for you, Pines Park is literally the furthest you can get from the hordes of pedestrians walking up and down Duval Street while as close as you can get to being totally alone in this tourist laden mecca!

Duval Street is on the very southwestern portion of Key West while Pines Park is in the northeast corner of the not-so populated portion of the island. As you can see in the photo, you’ll have a front row seat to the ocean while picnicking on one of their 3 or 4 tables… don’t worry, 4 tables here is enough! Though the tourist shy away from this lesser developed area of Key West, we on the other hand love it for just that… solitude! If you like a beautiful view of the ocean while eating lunch in the privacy of your better half then this is the place for you! (And me!) This easy to find getaway from the rat race can be found next to the East Martello Tower Museum (seen below) and directly in front of the Key West International Airports multi-leveled parking garage. Oh yeah, don’t look for a sign, just go by the landmarks I’ve given you… the sign measures 12″ wide by 18″ tall and it’s nailed to a tree… I kid you not! 🙂

Pines Park is totally FREE to use at all times of the day and rarely will you have too much company to contend with. I love this place, as you can see we rode our bikes here for a welcomed lunch before touring the AWESOME East Martello Tower which was formerly a Civil War fort controlled by the Northern Yankees (Blue Coats) for the entire duration of the war despite being the southernmost city in the Southern Rebel (Gray Coats) Confederacy!

PS – This is where my father took my mother for picnics while they were dating and I too took my then fiancé here… now that’s a family tradition! 🙂

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