Man-v-Food’s Adam Richmond Visits Hogfish Bar & Grill

Celebrity food connoisseur Adam Richmond, the host of Travel Channel’s Man-vs-Food was in the Keys a few years ago filming an episode featuring the Hogfish sandwich and Key Largo’s Conch Fritter eating contest.

As you can see by the featured photo, this is a massive sandwich, the fresh daily catch of Hogfish is fried golden brown and served on a slab of Cuban Bread topped with mushrooms, swiss cheese, sautéed onions, lettuce & tomatoes. Sound yummy, just ask my better half who devoured the meal in record time and already wants to go back for another one… IT WAS THAT GOOD! You also get a healthy heaping of fries along with a quartered pickle to round out your meal.

The atmosphere at this waterfront destination is superb beginning with the tiki-hut frame with open-air seating is nothing less than down-home. Though the restaurant has yet to put up photos from Adam’s visit, the influx of groupies (including us) were all influenced to take in a trip to the Hogfish Bar & Grill by seeing the episode on TV. In the first 10-days after its airing, the manager said that over 300 people have come here solely from seeing it on TV. That’s the power of advertising… ok, that’s the power of FREE advertisement from the mouth of Adam Richmond! 🙂

You can find the Hogfish Bar & Grill by going to Mile Marker 5 on US-1 bayside turning at the Burger King, go down 1-block turning left onto McDonald Ave that turns into Maloney Ave, turn right onto 4th Ave, left on Front Street and there you will see it on the right a half mile or so exactly beside the famous Crankshaft Man blogged about earlier.



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