Anode Bed Searching In The Keys

Anode Bed (sidewalk view) Whitehead Street

Let’s go Anode Bed searching in the Keys! Well, I’ve heard of Bunk bed, Hide-a-Bed, Waterbed, Hospital bed, & Vibrating bed… but I’m not quite sure what an Anode Bed is!

This I found imbedded in a sidewalk on Whitehead Street in front of the main Key West Post Office and struck me as kind of weird. To be honest… don’t laugh, I thought it was a new way of advertising for a company called ‘Anode Bed’ . 🙂 I went home and looked it up on the internet and this is what I found. Oh yeah, this information will win you a bar bet or thoroughly impress someone with your trivia knowledge! Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP), involves small amounts of electric current being passed through the material to be protected. This electricity will draw any potential corrosion into replaceable anodes of highly corrosive material. Anodes corrode on a monthly basis and must be replaced as part of the regular maintenance schedule. Though this replacement can be expensive, it is far cheaper than the cost of replacing corroded specialty parts, pipes & wires.

There are 90-miles of tunnels throughout protected by Anode Beds placed at strategic tunnel intersections. So as you cruise around Key West and occasionally look down, you too may find one of these. How many Anode Beds can you find?


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3 responses to “Anode Bed Searching In The Keys

  1. I like engineering, but I love the creative input.
    Engineering Equipments

  2. Alfred

    I too found the cover to an anode bed in Key West, in 2009. Thanks for the explanation. A bit too technical for me. By the way, your text includes a funny typographical error: “Impressed Current Catholic Protection (ICCP),” Pretty funny. Should be “Cathodic.” As in “cathode.”

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