Plant Life, A Botanist’s Dream!

6933243323_453755f6b5_bWelcome to ‘Plant Paradise’! There a single secluded island off-the-beaten-path where plant life thrives almost unnoticed… ALMOST!

This island’s plant life can still be seen today thanks to one of its renowned former residents, Dr. Henry Perrine medical doctor and botanist. Dr. Perrine introduced Sisal Agave to south Florida from Mexico where it’s still cultivated today for its fiber. In 1838 the US Congress awarded Dr. Perrine a township of 23,000 acres around Cape Sable to farm sisal and other exotic plants that would benefit the United States. The township was never established but the city of Perrine south of Miami was named in his honor.

You can find this secluded ‘Plant Paradise’ in the Florida Keys on Indian Key by hiring a catamaran tour boat company at Robbie’s Marina at Mile Marker 77.5 on US-1 bayside.


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