Life Is Too Short Bus

YES, I’m proud to say: “I ride the short bus!”… the ‘Life Is Too Short Bus’ that is! I love it, only in Key West can you find an entire town full of oddities like this.

Life indeed is too short, while in this ‘Sunshine Paradise’ you must try and take in as much as this tiny 3 mile by 5 mile island has to offer. Buses like this offer drop-off and pick-up at pre-arranged locations and times allowing you to see as much as possible. Key West is one of the U.S.’s vacation meccas and yet still maintains its laid back attitude to life atmosphere at all costs for which it’s famous for.

Oh yeah, check out the headless fake aluminum rooster on the back of the short bus! Too cool. 🙂

You can see this ‘Life Is Too Short Bus’ crisscrossing the streets of Key West dropping off and picking up customers all over town. It’s home on the other hand will give you a better chance seeing it at the Ibis Bay Resort & Restaurant on North Roosevelt Blvd. here in the wonderland of Key West.

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