Key West’s #1 Attraction: Southernmost Buoy

Southernmost Buoy

Welcome to Key West’s #1 tourist attraction and photographic icon!

Being the city’s #1 tourist attraction, be prepared to wait in the hot sun lined up for as long as an hour with all of the other photo seekers before getting your chance to stand with the FREE buoy. My advice is to go early as I did when NO ONE was there at all giving you the postcard image seen above. Oh yeah, as you can see, by including the fence gives your photo additional beauty and balanced subject matter.

I’ll save the hilarious history and pending controversy to the buoys claims for upcoming blogs. So don’t touch that remote! (that includes you too David my Basketball friend) 🙂

You can find this chart topping attraction two ways: 1) Follow the crowds 🙂 or 2) Go to the corner of South Street and Whitehead Street where you’ll see the World-Famous Southernmost Buoy.


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2 responses to “Key West’s #1 Attraction: Southernmost Buoy

  1. Len Bloom

    Great advice to go early, always quiet before 10:00 AM while the island sleeps off the previous night’s “activity”:).

    Great to see new fans on board, couldn’t agree more about the fantastic work you do.

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