Key West’s First And Last Bar On US-1

What a great title to have, being the first and last bar on US-1. Just 1 block up from the famed Mile Marker ZERO is the time-tested local favorite hang-out called the Green Parrot Bar. I’ll have a blog devoted to the bar itself later, this is dedicated to its self-bestowed title and colorful sign upon its outside wall.

If you’re headed north out of town it’s classified as the FIRST bar on US-1. Therefore if you’re driving south towards Key West it’s then considered the LAST bar on US-1. Either way, it’s a great gimmick & honor to have… that is until someone opens a new bar on the ONE BLOCK prior to theirs! (FREE entrepreneurial idea here) 🙂

This of course is FREE to see and be photographed with the sign. You can find this “First and Last Bar On US-1” sign at the END of US-1… hmmm, or would that be at the BEGINNING of US-1? 🙂

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  1. Hemingway would have LOVED this juxtaposed position. If the bar had been around back then, it perhaps could have served up some stiff competition for Sloppy Joe’s!

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