Pelican Poop Shoppe

Pelican Poop Shoppe

Well, if the name of this business doesn’t catch your eye making you laugh then get your pulse checked. This store sells Arts & Crafts, Antiques & your standard 1,000 store-type souvenirs.  The building housing this shoppe is unique itself in styling and looks painted brown & white complete with an appropriate time period wrought iron strapped round-topped door.

Located two blocks north of Duval on Simonton Street on Key West’s western part of town. You can pass by and see walkers passing by pointing their fingers at the businesses logo and posing for that ‘I got to have it” photo. I can’t close this blog without telling you this laughable tale, my wife and I walked in asking directions to Dey Street… a dazed & confused look came upon the shoppe worker’s face saying “I’ve NEVER heard of it!”. The helpful attendant pulled out a map laughing and pointed… “It’s right across the street!” 🙂

I love stores with catchy names or play on words and this one definitely made me laugh and continues to be one of my favorite signs to point out to my weekend tourist friends coming down for some fun in the sun down in the Paradise known as Key West. Oh yeah by the way… I found NO souvenirs made out of Pelican Poop ! 🙂

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