US Navy Manhole Cover

Here’s something that most people have never seen… including military personnel. It’s what appears to be a United States Navy manhole cover. I used the words “it appears” because I’m not 100% sure. Luckily the manufacturer name & city are faintly imprinted on the cover. I went online and quickly found them sending them an email & photo inquiring of its origin, date of manufacture, & how many were made. I didn’t get the response I wanted, although their company name is  on it, they replied that they have no record of it being that old. 😦 I tried! Therefore I stand behind my assumption that it’s most likely U.S. Navy.

I found this on one of our bike rides through Key West on a sidewalk (photo below) in front of the U.S. Navy base entrance! See how things are falling in place here! You U.S. Navy veterans and curious alike can find this unique manhole cover exactly in front of the U.S. Navy Base on Palm Avenue here in Key West. While you’re there, check out the other attraction only 10′ feet away sitting beside the fence known as Key West’s Famous Bike Path Man that I blogged about earlier!

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