Key West’s Smallest Beach

Simonton Beach / Key West’s Smallest

Welcome to Key West’s smallest beach! Here at the northwest end of Simonton Street is what’s considered Key West’s Smallest Public Beach! Simonton Street Beach is very small consisting of a pier (maybe 4′ wide at best), approximately 40′ feet of ocean shoreline (from pier to wood fence on the left), a restroom (frequently closed, on left out of picture), a palm tree (seen in the top left) and a sign (shown below)… did I miss anything, oh yeah, one of the more popular resting places for the homeless (sorry, no photo).

The entire beach is pictured above, it’s about the size of a standard house lot here in Key West and that’s it! The beach itself is FREE, parking on the other hand is metered. This is NOT a family type beach, more like a book reading beach for one. I personally have stopped here for a lunch picnic while bike riding around town then whisked off upon chowing down a sandwich. Although this is out-of-the-way and off the beaten path, most people end up here (as pictured above) to watch the sunset and then scurry off to Duval Street just a few blocks southwest.

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