Key West’s Washtub Decor

It’s not everyday that you see galvanized washtubs hanging from the ceiling used as lights to enhance a buildings decor & atmosphere! Then again, we are in Key West which makes all of the madness expected & accepted as simply par for the course!

I recently had lunch here and just so happen to look upward some 6 feet above the ceiling fans and to my amazement these washtubs stuck out like a sore thumb and instantly brought upon a giggle. Acting like ET I pointed my finger toward the airborne adornments so that my better half could also admire (or laugh at) the lavish lamps completing this unique ambiance. You know what… I actually like it… but then again, I like falling out of trees too! 🙂

You too can gander at this one-of-a-kind sight complete with an oceanfront table while soaking in some sun and drinking down a well deserved brew. It definitely makes a great conversation piece and photo too! This washtub wonder can be found in the restaurant and bar area of the Ibis Resort on Roosevelt Blvd. here in sunny Key West where you can ALWAYS find the unexpected!

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