Good Luck Fishing For ONLY 25¢

Good Luck Fishing at Capt. Tony’s

Legend says that a quarter tossed into the fish’s mouth will bring you good luck… but it DOES stipulate one thing, and that is you have to do it standing backwards! This is totally FREE (that is if you miss) :-) or in my case cost me ONLY 25¢, yep only a shinny twenty-five cent piece since I did in fact make it on the first try! Oh yeah, “Hello everybody!” that’s actually me! Warning: Don’t even try using a penny, nickel or dime… it’s said to spit them back out at night bringing you bad luck… so don’t be a cheapskate!

This fish story is located in front of Capt. Tony’s Saloon at 428 Greene Street in Key West. Future blogs will give more to do at Capt. Tony’s so stayed tuned! Wow, fishing for good luck and only costing a quarter! Try it, it’s a ton of fun and others will gather around laughing at you & clapping for you and then asking “What the heck are you doing?” and then you too can pass along this TRUE fisherman’s tale!

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One response to “Good Luck Fishing For ONLY 25¢

  1. Laurie

    It was a little bizarre the first time I went there, sitting inside wondering what the heck people were doing out there.

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