Which Is The Art Statue?

Goofing off and having fun is a MAJOR part of the Key West laid back relaxing atmosphere! I’ve said before, not everything you do here has to have a price tag associated with it. These Art statues alone are fine for photos but can be enhanced by adding a relative, loved ones (my youngest 6’3″ son & his better half seen here) or even having a total stranger taking a picture of you beside them.

FREE Travel Tip Of The Day: (voice of experience here) Choose the right person to take your photo! Never give your expensive camera to a total stranger who can run faster than you! :-) All seriousness, look for an older couple already there taking a photo themselves or someone with a family! Last choice is a young single fit male ASKING you if they can take a photo of you. Be safe and think before handing your camera over to strangers.

You can find these and other statues in front of and around the Museum of Art & History at the Custom House near Mallory Square in Key West’s Old Town. This of course is FREE to create your own photographic table top conversation pieces.

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