And That’s No Bull!

IMG_2246WOW, what a sight! Nothing surprises me any more about Key West, I’ve ALWAYS said “Expect the unexpected.” This my friends falls right into that category!

I’ll be honest with you, I toiled over the title, should it be: “Horny In Key West” :-) or “That’s No Bull”. I even thought about using related terms for cows, steers, & bulls such as “Mooove over”, power “Steering” but thought wisely and left them out. :-)

Can you imagine being hit by this car and telling your Blue Cross & Blue Shield insurance that you were gored by a car while crossing the street in Key West! :-)

OK, to see this unique front grille ornament you’ll have to simply ride around town and look for it. I found it about 1 block east of the popular tourist section of town know as Harbor Walk.


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