Key West’s Rooster Cemetery

Key West’s Rooster Cemetery

Want something weird to do in the Keys? Pack up and head on down to find this one and ONLY restaurant graveyard oddity… yes, I said a restaurant! As you may or may not know, roosters run wild in Key West along the alleys and roads owning the streets as tourist gawk and take photos of this strange yet everyday occurrence. These free-roaming chickens & roosters are descendents of the old cock-fighting roosters that at one time were legal in this town and believe it or not were frequently refereed by novelist and local hero Ernest Hemingway! How’s that for a scoop on Hemingway and his correlation with roosters! There’s a place that you too can go pay homage to those former cocks that have passed on to the pearly gates… hmmm, ok to the wrought iron gates of the Rooster Cemetery.
You can find this weird spectacle at 729 Thomas Street and the corner of Petronia Street a few blocks south of Duval at the equally famous outside dining area of the Blue Heaven Restaurant. I think the name on the headstone below sums it up and says it all! So be the first on your block to see Key West’s immortalized cocks! :-) Hey, remember this is Key West and ANYTHING goes here… after all, this is where the men are men and the women are men too! :-)

Big Daddy Cock

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  1. Thanks for mentioning this thing about chickens. You have brought to mind another reason why KW is so cool. It reminds me of about 10 other countries I’ve stayed it. Chickens (and Fantasy Fest) are what makes KW quirky.

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