Mouse Trap Bar (I kid you not) :-)

IMG_2238Yes that’s right, I’ve found a bar that uses mouse traps for more than trapping mice!

It’s amazing, I’ve eaten here no less than 3 times and until now have never noticed the mouse traps till walking up to the main bar and ordering some liquid ice-cold gold. In asking the bartender the reasoning for the mouse traps, she replied: “It’s simple, we have so many ceiling fans trying to keep it cool in here that it blows the checks off the bar.” And now you know why mouse traps are found in a Florida Keys bar.

Oh yeah – PS, don’t try skipping out on leaving a tip as this guy did because the scream of getting your finger pinched alerts the local “Tip Police”.

You can find this mouse trap check holder at the Hogfish Bar & Grill on Stock Island. Go to Mile Marker 5 oceanside off US-1 at the Burger King, down 1-block turning left onto McDonald Ave that turns into Maloney Ave, turn right onto 4th Ave, left on Front Street and there you will see it on the right a half mile or so.



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