Stations Of The Cross

Welcome to St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Stations Of The Cross Gardens! An absolutely beautiful place to escape the hustle and bustle of even a leisurely town as Key West. Stations Of The Cross refers to the depiction of the final hours of Jesus, and the devotion commemoration the Passion. The tradition as chapel devotion began with St. Francis of Assisi and extended throughout the Roman Catholic Church in the medieval period. It’s commonly observed during the Season of Lent, especially on Good Friday during the Easter Holidays.

You can find these peaceful surroundings in a garden atmosphere while enjoying the Stations Of The Cross mosaics at the St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Church Gardens located behind their activity building at the corner of Truman Avenue & Windsor Lane. It’s absolutely FREE.

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  1. Mary Lou Chandler

    hey shoestring…. thanks for another great post… “St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Church” is the convent where my mom (your tia) went to school all her life…. she graduated with a class of 11 in 1945-46….. I’ve never been to the garden, but hope to someday get back down to Key West for a week or so and see all the places from my memory and from our family history…. thanks again, and happy easter….

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