Dragon Boats In The Keys?

Dragon Boat

Question: “How many of you have actually seen a competition Dragon Boat?” Hmmm… let me rephrase that into a better question: “How many of you have even heard of a Dragon Boat?” I can tell you where to find one in the Florida Keys but first here’s the history on them.

A Dragon Boat is a human-powered paddled watercraft traditionally made of teak wood to various designs and sizes. It’s one of a family of Traditional Long Boats found throughout Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands. It’s now used in the team sport of Dragon Boat racing which originated in China over 2,000 years ago. For competition they’re generally rigged with beautifully carved decorative Chinese Dragon Head & Tails!

Now on to where you can actually see one, located at Mile Marker 28.3 oceanside near the entrance to Little Palm Island Ferry you’ll see a subdivision called Jolly Roger Estates. Turn on Pirates Road and go all the way to a dead-end left turn which you will follow a quarter-mile or so till the road runs out and look to your right towards Cudjoe Bay. There you will see the Dragon Boat if they are not out practicing or off competing somewhere… and now you too have seen a Dragon Boat!


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