Secret Sunbathing Spot

What an absolutely beautiful secluded out-of-the-way secret hide-a-way this is… or it was a secret until now! :-) I stumbled upon this place totally by accident and to prove it I’ll tell you this, the couple was stunned to see me come around the corner from afar and the female jumped up and quickly put on some clothes. I almost got a sneak peek! :-)

As you can see by the photos, this strip of sunbathing paradise isn’t well-known with this couple occupying the entire surroundings for themselves. I took several photos once rounding the corner seeing this unusual serene photographic wonder. I slowly approached (giving her time to clothe) and spoke to them briefly with them saying “This is the best place to sunbathe anywhere around… and there’s no one EVER here! We love it!” I then walked passed to the very end and took some shots back towards land showing how far it extends into the Gulf Of Mexico.

I want to first apologize to the couple since interrupting his full body view of his better half and again for letting out this well-kept secret. I too will go there in the future once I show it to my better half as we sunbathe (with swim suits) :-) along with anyone else that may want to enjoy some time in the sun away from the crowds. With that said, here’s how to get there: Go to Mile Marker 35.0 on US-1 at the southern end of the Bahia Honda Bridge taking an access road bayside that curves back north and go to the end. Park your car and walk down the path west towards the Gulf Of Mexico where you’ll reach this Secret Sunbathing Spot!


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  1. Laurie

    Interesting. I located the spot on Google map and that strip of land appears to be one side of a horseshoe shape, surrounding deep water. A search of Spanish Harbor tells me it was a quarry they dug out for fill when building the railroad.

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