True! A Burger King On McDonald Avenue

This is absolutely insane! A Burger King that sits on McDonald Avenue!

As you know, intersections have two road signs to indicate the crossroads in which they meet… that is except this one! Here’s probably why, what Burger King fast-food restaurant would ever want it known to the public that it’s on the corner of 5th Street & McDonald Avenue named after its biggest industry competitor. It would be the laughing-stock of the industry and be plastered all over the internet being the butt of every late night comedian’s jokes spotlighted by David Letterman’s monologue poking fun at the incriminating fact.

On this corner, the McDonald Avenue portion of the intersection sign is ominously missing and for good reason I assure you! I’m sure it had to do with an agreement that the city have no such sign EVER erected at the intersection. I had to go down to the next block in order to photograph the McDonald Avenue sign seen below.

To prove the address, go to Map Quest and key in Key West. Find the eastern side of the islands main entrance at US-1 and back track 1-mile up the road to 5th Street and then back one street to McDonald Avenue! It’s so true, a Burger King on McDonald Avenue! :-) I love this place! What’s next, Microsoft being on the corner of I-Pod Street & Apple Computer Way! :-) 



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2 responses to “True! A Burger King On McDonald Avenue

  1. Caitlyn

    This always made me scratch my head too. I guess since it’s not technically “McDonald’s” it’s “MacDonalds” makes it okay. Still funny though!

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