It’s Key West’s FAMOUS Bike Path Man!

OK maybe not so famous but hey, he’s got a bike path named after him… do you? Not every town has one, does your town have a FAMOUS Bike Path Man, Key West does!

The sign in the upper left of the photo reads: Jim Malcolm Way for years of dedication to the bicycle & pedestrian program “Share The Road”. Wow, I guess there’s still hope for me on getting a road named after me… I can see it now, “365 Things To Do In The Florida Keys Avenue” for years of dedicated tourist blogs… awe, my mom would be so proud! :-) In all seriousness, I’m sure he was a great guy and super advocate!

You can find Key West’s salute to safety & persistence in a tribute sign to lifetime achievement on the corner of Palm Ave. & Eaton Street here in the Bike Path Safety Capital of the WORLD Key West, Florida. :-)

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One response to “It’s Key West’s FAMOUS Bike Path Man!

  1. grandma orlando

    know you can find countless sights that will number greater than 365 in key west and the keys and yes your momma is very proud of the job you”re doing seeing all the sights I”ve never seen but oh boy some of the stories I could tell..keep riding and clicking..yeeha

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