It’s Keys Time!

You’re darn straight! This boat’s name says it all! When in the Florida Keys, I live on Keys Time! Keys Time is a slower pace of life enjoying your surroundings, lounging out, sightseeing, people watching and all of the other things tourists do while on vacation… except for one fact “I WAS DESCRIBING THE LOCALS! :-)

Key West is definitely in their own time zone, where time seems to crawl not fly. A place where a stroll down main street can take 4 enjoyable hours while never even thinking of looking at your watch. There’s so much to see and do in such a compact area that you’re never wondering if there’s anything to do but what are we going to do next. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s IMPOSSIBLE  to see all of Key West in one weekend or even one week. Heck, I’ve ridden bikes over 100% of the island taking no less than 7 weekend visits not ever seeing the same things twice… it’s that big on bikes!

Come sample the taste of island cuisine on island time and you’ll experience the relaxed atmosphere and laid back attitude of local Conchs proud to say they’re from Key West as I am in writing this blog about my families hometown to you! I love this place and I’M ALWAYS LOOKING FORWARD TO MY NEXT KEY WEST TIME!


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2 responses to “It’s Keys Time!

  1. Hey, I totally agree! Florida Keys have their own time zone. True. 🙂

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