Forgotten Army Cemetery

This is a 19th century military cemetery wherein the United States Army soldiers and their families were interred. Although many remains were removed for re-interment at Fort Barrancas in Pensacola, Florida, unmarked remains are still within the hallowed site.

Though it’s now fenced off and clearly marked as a burial site, it wasn’t always like that. Since I lived in the 1st house across the street, I can vouch that for many years it was simply used as a vacant field where local children played (including myself) 😦 before being clearly marked and closed off by the city of Key West. My family’s former home is the yellow one across the street! :-)

You can find this long forgotten Army Cemetery with NO headstones but does have a single lone stone maker in the middle of the field at the corner of Angela Street & White Street here in Key West. The photo above clearly shows the stone marker and fence placard in one frame so that you can find this on your own.


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