World Famous Glass Bottom Bar

IMG_0933The sign above the entrance reads: ‘World Famous Glass Bottom Bar’. I’ve been here twice and it’s well worth the few minutes needed to track down this uniquely floored bar & grille!

As you can see by the featured photo there are strategically positioned 3′ x 3′ clear glass panels in the wooden floor so that you can check out the marine life while sipping an adult beverage or chowing down on some fresh seafood. Though I did’nt count, there’s approximately a dozen or so glass panels installed around the ‘Zig-zag’ shaped oceanside bar & eating area.

This is the only floor like it in the Keys that I’ve seen, so put this on your list of things to see while passing through. I too will be stopping by again since promising my wife a sunset dinner from this very bar! There’s also a dance floor, band stand and great ambiance throughout the entire establishment.

This ‘Glass Bottom Bar’ is best accessible from the northbound divided highway of US-1 at Mile Marker 99.6 oceanside. Turn onto Ocean Bay Drive driving .6 miles down, turn left on Seagate Boulevard where you’ll see the Pilot House Restaurant only 1/10th of mile on the right.

IMG_0936     IMG_0931    IMG_0930

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