Jimmy Hoffa’s 4-Year Key West Agreement With The U.S. Army

No, he wasn’t drafted! Can you believe it, the infamous Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa and the United States Army had a 4-year business agreement here in Key West worth $251,051.04 of tax payers money!

SO TRUE, and here’s how: Seen to the left is the old Battalion headquarters, with supporting Signal and Ordnance detachments who occupied the termite-infested premises in the Casa Marina Hotel, a venerable Victorian pile long past its prime. Leased from the Teamster’s Union (then headed by Jimmy Hoffa) in 1962, the cost to the Army came to some $62,762.76 per year until January 1966, when the completion of permanent facilities permitted termination of the lease by the Army.

Hoffa’s termite ridden pile of crap has been turned into a 5-star elite vacation resort of monumental magnitude. I’ve included the old Army photo seen above and added the new one I took a month ago from the same angle.

You can find Jimmy Hoffa’s former termite-infested money-making rat trap investment turned into the elegant Casa Marina Resort at the corner of Reynolds Street & Seminole Avenue sitting right on the beach here in Key West.

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