Travel Channel’s Adam Richmond’s Infamous Pink Ape!

This is in fact the Travel Channel’s Adam Richmond’s infamous pink ape! Adam Richmond, the host of Travel Channel’s Man-vs-Food & Man-vs-Food Nation was in the Florida Keys a while back filming an episode featuring several local delicacies including the Hog Fish sandwich and playing honorary Master of Ceremonies for Key Largo’s Conch Fritter eating contest.

While in the Keys he couldn’t resist posing with the infamous pink ape of Marathon. The episode re-aired about 2-weeks ago and lo and behold the pink ape appeared sharing the screen with him as he waved along with the ape. The ape is motorized and has the ability to wave in the same motion as Adam Richmond… OK, Adam mocked the ape in duplicating its unique wave.

This pink ape can be found monkeying around in front of Fred’s Beds at Mile Marker 53.9 oceanside in Marathon. It’s funny, I went into Fred’s Beds and asked if they had any photos of Adam standing beside the pink ape and they had no idea what I was talking about. I proceeded to tell the young lady about its now famous appearance on Travel Channel’s Man-vs-Food Nation. She responded by, “Wow, I can’t wait to tell Fred!” :-) Amazing how they didn’t even know till I stopped and told them.

You too can be part of Man-vs-Food TV history by partaking in the now infamous Adam Richmond wave. I too will be one of the many future participants to do the wave on my next trip down… that is, if I have someone to hold the camera for me and not go solo as I did this time! :-)

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