From My Distorted Point Of View!


You know, some things in life are worth it… and this is one of them! In order to capture this water fountain photo I had to crawl in-between two pools of water only one foot apart and underneath another to snap this behind the waterfall picture as an alarm sounded bringing out a bellhop at Key West’s Pier House saying “What the H@%# are you doing?” “Simply taking a photo!” I said. I kid you not! :-)

So I ask you blog readers… Was it worth it? I defiantly think so… the photo speaks for itself!

Your dedicated & daring photographer who’ll do nearly anything for your viewing pleasure! Well that is, from my distorted point of view!

Mr. 365 Days

PS – You don’t have to set off the alarm to get your souvenir photo, I give you permission to use mine! 🙂

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