Pet Sematary By Stephen King?

“El Gato” means “The Cat” in Spanish

OK, that was strictly to grab your attention. :-) Yes, Stephen King was the author of the 1983 Best-Selling book ‘Pet Sematary’ which was then turned into a 1989 Hollywood movie. And NO, this has nothing to do with that movie but everything to do with a pet cemetery.

This section of the Big Coppit Key Cemetery is reserved for pets aptly named “Pet Hill”. After your furry loved ones have passed on they can be laid to rest along with other Key West furry friends in this real-life pet cemetery.

The “El Gato” is several feet away from the actual pet burial site but still visible so just look around, you can’t miss it. It’s a very small cemetery, you have no trouble finding it. By the way, this is also where members of my family are buried… and no, none of them had fur to my knowledge! :-)

You can find this pet cemetery at Mile Marker 9.9 oceanside of US-1 turning onto 4th Street by the ‘Man-Eating Shark’ display and simply head down on your left to the aptly named “DEAD END”! (nice place for a cemetery wouldn’t you say) :-)

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